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What's Next? Podcast Launch
What's Next?

This week, we're proud to launch both the NextAce blog and our new podcast — What's Next?

We looked around the title insurance industry and recognized that the industry is changing at an incredibly fast pace because of the availability of new data sources, new technologies and new participants that are challenging old ideas of how workflows can be updated for speed and accuracy using these new tools. So, we'll be in the field every few weeks talking to industry leaders about where the industry is going, and how it's getting there.

For this first episode, our CEO Don Cantral is in-house talking with our two newest team members, David Floyd and David Daley. For more than a decade, these three have worked together in the industry and in some ways competed against one another.

David Floyd comes to us from SKLD in Colorado where he worked to minimize risk with quality plant data validated from a variety of sources. According to David, technology has enabled the industry to capture and validate more and better data. When he first started with SKLD, he questioned, "Why are we doing things this way?" and proceeded to build innovative new workflows that challenged the status quo.

David Daley joins us from Realty Data Company. He was also the President and Co-Founder of DataChek, LLC., the title data and technology company that preceded the establishment of RDC. David is passionate about the American Dream of home ownership and feels it's our job to protect the consumer and their biggest investment. For David, that all starts with the technology and data and speeding up the process for all parties.

Listen in as Don, David and David talk about the past, present and future of real estate data and how more access to more data and technology is changing our industry at incredible speeds.

And stay tuned for more episodes of What's Next? where we'll really open up the dialogue on What's Next in our industry. We're looking forward to more conversations with other innovative thought leaders in the industry including some that challenge our thoughts and ideas, but are helping to push this paradigm change in directions we haven't thought about yet.

What's Next? Episode 1: NextAce Welcomes Two Davids

Don Cantral on Popping the Bubbl

Don previously joined Peter Turner on Popping the Bubbl to discuss how NextAce automation is disrupting the title industry. Don and Pete talk about the start of NextAce, how automation transformed title search and what Don sees as the future of title using machine learning and artificial intelligence.