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About NextAce
Our View

NextAce® is the premier provider of automated title search and examination solutions and data extraction services. With unmatched integration across multiple production platforms, NextAce connects a vast network of data resources to accurately produce a single, or thousands of title reports across the nation in a matter of minutes. Through NeXtraction™ technology, NextAce also reliably catalogs and classifies millions of documents while extracting detailed data from the unstructured information.
Our History

Launched in 2003, NextAce is today the single-most relied upon technology platform by the title insurance and mortgage processing industries. NextAce has processed more than 6 million title orders on its TitleEDGE® platform and counts over 100 industry-leading companies among its customers. NextAce introduced data extraction capabilities to the market in 2014 and has processed more than 100 million documents...and counting.
Our Founder

NextAce Chairman and CEO Don Cantral founded the Orange, Calif.-based title technology firm in 2003. He and the NextAce team remain laser-focused on continuing to bring highly applicable and innovative real property intelligence technologies to the company’s customer-base, expanding production opportunities across the entire title marketplace.
Our Causes

Here at NextAce, we are deeply involved in giving back; it’s not only good business, but it is the right thing to do. We believe in the potential to make a difference, and as such, we participate in various charities and nonprofit organizations as board members, volunteers, and supporters. Some of the many causes we dedicate our time, talent, and treasure to include these organizations... Read more >