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Data Extraction

Reliably catalog and classify documents while extracting detailed data directly from the images themselves.
Our highly adaptable and accurate data capture engine and workflow leapfrogs traditional extraction environments, systems, and processes to instantly turn your document images into actionable data and information.

Designed for document- and data-centric mortgage, real estate, and title insurance markets, the highly automated functionality of NeXtraction reliably catalogs and classifies millions of documents while extracting detailed data from the unstructured information.

   • Hosted on your server or ours
   • No up-front capital investment
   • Significant savings compared to keying documents
   • Self-learning from more than 100 million documents processed

NeXtraction gives customers the ability to intelligently index, extract, catalog, understand, and deliver information from structured, semi-structured, or unstructured documents of any length, while also replacing or reducing costly and time-consuming manual or offshore keying initiatives in place today. Read more >

neXtraction Infographic