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Partnering Effort Benefits United Cerebral Palsy


So. California Technology Company's Monthly Donation Campaign Raises Funds & Purpose


TUSTIN, Calif. - September 27, 2004 - United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston is the latest recipient of donations raised as part of NextAce's monthly charitable contribution program. NextAce's selection of United Cerebral Palsy stemmed from the technology company's relationship with a partner title data provider who has a family member inflicted with the debilitating disease. In total, NextAce raised $1,456.00 during September in support of UCP of Greater Houston, a non-profit corporation established to provide services to individuals with cerebral palsy and their families.

            NextAce, a provider of software and services primarily to the title insurance and mortgage lender industries, initiated the monthly donation program this past June to instill fellowship and purpose beyond the day-to-day work environment among the Company's employees, associates, vendors, and suppliers.  To date, NextAce has raised a total of $2,731.00 in donations through end-September, benefiting: the Orange County Foundation for Oncology Children & Families; National Breast Cancer Foundation; International Myeloma Foundation; and United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston.


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NextAce is a technology company that provides software and services primarily to the title insurance and mortgage lender industries. Its Title EDGESM process was established in 2003 to assist title companies in streamlining the production of preliminary title reports and commitments. Additional information on NextAce can be found at

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