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NextAce's SearchQ Gives Instant Access to Property Ownership & Debt Reports

Real property intelligence real quick for the mortgage, foreclosure, and default markets

ORANGE, Calif. — September 12, 2011 — The financial industry's technology leader in providing automated real property intelligence, NextAce Corporation today announced the immediate availability of SearchQ™, which gives instant retrieval of property ownership and debt information directly from its newly updated website,

With access across 1,600 counties in 48 states, servicing 89 percent of the nation’s population, SearchQ provides up-to-date information that used to take hours or days to produce, including:

  • Property ownership on the latest deed and all ownership changes for up to 10 years;
  • Outstanding debt, including mortgages, assignments, foreclosure activity, as well as voluntary and involuntary liens;
  • Updated taxes, including current year taxes and payment information in many counties;
  • Current vesting information and an abbreviated legal description for the property;
  • Document images, available in most areas and include a complete legal description.

“With SearchQ, NextAce has the infrastructure, data partnerships, and brand integrity to bring property ownership and debt information to the default industry and consumers alike on a widespread basis,” said NextAce CEO Don Cantral. “With the investment and refinance share of mortgage activity continuing to outpace home purchase demand, there’s a tremendous need to quickly and accurately analyze real property data to assess investment risk and make informed decisions. SearchQ makes this task not only possible, but also fast, easy, and affordable.”

Designed for those who demand a quick turnaround on real property information, for $19.95 SearchQ will find immediate appeal among REO purchasers, real estate investors, lender service groups, asset management groups, and the legal community. SearchQ reports are delivered within seconds to a browser or mobile device. Adobe PDF versions can be emailed or saved.

Customers can order a single SearchQ report directly from, or order multiple reports by contacting NextAce directly at 714.953.9300.

About NextAce
With more than 2 million title orders processed since the company's founding in 2003, NextAce is the financial industry’s technology leader in providing automated real estate intelligence for the title insurance, mortgage lending, foreclosure, real estate, and investment markets. Our patented technology has evolved into a powerful production and workflow platform that connects and automates all major functions of the entire title production process, making NextAce the fastest, smartest, and most affordable choice for real property intelligence today.

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