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SearchQ Powered by NextAce Gives Consumers
In-depth Real Estate Data in 2,000-plus U.S. Counties

NextAce’s patented technology provides current ownership and encumbrances against a residential
property, open liens and judgments against the property owners, comparable and historical pricing, an
investment analysis, and local demographic and lifestyle data.

ORANGE, Calif. — August 16, 2013 – By combining the power of automation for the title insurance industry with real estate and local market data mining, NextAce today announced the immediate availability of SearchQ™ for the consumer market. Accessible online and available in a free or low-cost comprehensive format, a SearchQ Property Analysis Report includes a snapshot of a property’s current ownership and encumbrances (O&E); open liens and judgments against the property owners; comparable, historical, and investment analyses; local housing price statistics; market trends; and neighborhood demographics.

“Like a Carfax for homes, SearchQ puts real estate details in the consumer’s hands, giving them the ability to be better prepared to make pricing and location decisions based on factual residential and geographic data,” said NextAce CEO Don Cantral. “SearchQ dramatically increases the availability of residential real estate information, including details that renters and investors will also find of value.”

The online decision-making tool requires a U.S. property’s street address to be entered at In less than a minute, the program provides a free overview of property related information and demographics as well as a preview of what a a comprehensive SearchQ Property Analysis Report can immediately provide for $29.95. Both the free and comprehensive reports are provided as PDFs, providing immediate access to real property information including:

  • A snapshot of current ownership and encumbrances (O&Es), such as mortgages, taxes, and other liens, including voluntary and involuntary liens posted against the property.
  • Unreleased judgments, bankruptcies, and liens against the property’s current owners.
  • The current property tax status on the address.
  • Area housing statistics, based on census data.
  • An investment analysis that provides the relative risk of purchasing a specific property at a designated price.
  • Sales comparables, including distances, sales dates, square footage, and values.
  • A neighborhood overview that gives low to high ratings for several decision-making factors, such as local crime risk, traffic hazard index, school performance, and more.
  • Historical sales and ownership information on the property.

Not to be used to issue or underwrite title insurance, SearchQ uses on-demand data extraction technology to provide instant access to an aggregated record of a residential property’s publicly recorded history. SearchQ currently provides property detail for residential properties in more than 2,000 counties in 49 states. However, a county’s depth of coverage may vary.
To access, visit For more information, contact NextAce at 714.953.9300.

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With millions of title orders processed since the company's founding in 2003, NextAce is the technology leader in providing automated real property intelligence for the title insurance, mortgage lending, foreclosure, real estate, and investment markets. The patented NextAce technology has evolved into a powerful production and workflow platform that connects and automates all major functions of the entire title search and production process, making NextAce the fastest, smartest, and most affordable choice for real property intelligence today.

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