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NextAce Takes its Automated Title Search Platform Nationwide

NextAce Title Search Platform provides a quick and secure automated review and validation
of real property records throughout the United States.

ORANGE, Calif. - September 9, 2013 - Marking its tenth year in providing automated real property intelligence, NextAce Corporation today announced the immediate national availability of the patented Title EDGE® automated title search platform directly from the website. Title insurers and others can now access Title EDGE® on a 24x7x365 day basis to immediately process one or more orders directly from their desktop or mobile device. Complete results are delivered within minutes and, depending on the product type requested, can include a chain of title, GI or name search chain, voluntary and involuntary liens, maps, taxes, and relevant document images for residential properties. The new functionality is based on the same NextAce core technology currently in use on more than 10 percent of the title transactions that occur on a daily basis throughout the U.S.

The entirely automated platform combines a superset of data from major title plants, non-traditional property data, and other sources from across the country; more than 600 counties for taxes; and accesses images in 1,000-plus counties. With the nationwide expansion in place, NextAce is able to leverage much of the same data that in the past was only available to larger title companies. As a national title technology platform, NextAce sets itself apart from traditional property searches by fully automating the property search and workflow process to deliver significant time and cost savings.

"The availability of Title EDGE® through our website expands automated search and examination to title agents, underwriters, lenders, attorneys, and others who may not have had the volume to warrant the technology and time investment required to implement this type of automation,” said NextAce CEO Don Cantral. “By accessing the website, they can now leverage our substantial investment and experience gained by processing millions of orders, on a transactional basis. This opens the door to savings and processing efficiencies for operations of all sizes in many areas throughout the country."

Retail pricing begins at $2.95 for Tax Reports that are available in more than 600 counties; $29.95 for Ownership and Equity Reports in 1,000-plus counties; and ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 for Title Search Packages available in nearly 500 counties. Pricing varies by product type, county, and the number of images related to the particular report ordered. Visit for county and product coverage details.

About NextAce
With millions of title orders processed since the company's founding in 2003, NextAce is the financial industry's technology leader in providing automated real property intelligence for the title insurance, mortgage lending, foreclosure, real estate, and investment markets. The patented NextAce technology has evolved into a powerful production and workflow platform that connects and automates all major functions of the entire title search and production process, making NextAce the fastest, smartest, and most affordable choice for real property intelligence today.

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