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   NextAce® – Automated Title Production with Title EDGE >
NextAce® technology has transformed the way the title insurance industry performs search and exam. With Title EDGE, NextAce has automated the search, exam and report functions - delivering the final commitment or prelim in under five minutes.
NextAce Automated Title Production    NextAce® – Automated Title Production and Data Extraction >
See why the nation’s leading title and settlement services decision makers use NextAce data extraction, and automated title search & examination technologies to save time and reduce expenses.
   NextAce® – Shattering Limitations >
See how NextAce Automated Title Search and Examination shatters previous title search limitations by delivering pre-populated and pre-examined reports that reduce the amount of time an examiner spends to complete a report to just minutes.
   NextAce® – Products Introduction >
With millions of title orders processed since the company's founding in 2003, NextAce is the financial industry's technology leader in providing automated real property intelligence for the title insurance, mortgage lending, foreclosure, real estate, and investment markets. The patented NextAce technology has evolved into a powerful production and workflow platform that connects and automates all major functions of the entire title search and production process, making NextAce the fastest, smartest, and most affordable choice for real property intelligence today.
   NextAce® – National Search Platform >
NextAce delivers the detailed property information you need within minutes. Title agents, underwriters, lenders, attorneys, and others can now access Title EDGE® at any time to immediately process one or more orders directly from their desktop or mobile device.
   NextAce® – TitleEDITOR2.0 >
TitleEDITOR2.0 allows the user to examine and review from the actual prelim, commitment, or title product from the very start of the process, eliminating guesswork and errors while also significantly reducing the time required to examine the product. TitleEDITOR2.0 leverages the benefits of an automated examination that only the NextAce platform provides. With TitleEDITOR2.0, examiners have the full functionality of a production system coupled with the unique automation capabilities of Title EDGE®.