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Automated Title Search & Examination
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NextAce is the original pioneer in automating as much of the title search and examination process as possible. Our patented technology has evolved into a powerful production and workflow platform that integrates with everything, connecting and automating all major functions of the title search, examination, and production process.

NextAce provides national access to automated real property intelligence for the title insurance, mortgage lending, foreclosure, real estate, and investment markets.

With unmatched integration across multiple production platforms, NextAce connects a vast network of data resources to accurately produce a single, or thousands of title reports across the nation in a matter of minutes.

NextAce assures the fastest, smartest, and most affordable solution for real property intelligence today.

   • Fast – Cuts delivery time to a few minutes
   • Accurate – Error rates are well below industry standards
   • Reliable – Unmatched industry expertise and integration accountability

Today, NextAce processes reports for virtually every type of search reaching nearly 90 percent of the country’s population. NextAce is integrated with nearly 1,000 different sources for data, taxes, starters, court records, images, and more to facilitate the array of products produced on the platform. Read more >