Data Coverage

Title Plant Integrations

Our extensive network allows quick access to these Title plant networks for Authorized Users and/or via NextAce Third party agreements where applicable.

National Data Coverage

Hundreds of data sources
TitleEdge is integrated with hundreds of data sources that are used for a variety of title offerings and based primarily on indexes and extraction of information from recorded documents. Title plant, related, images, and taxes cover over 50% of the population, while alternate data sources used for property information, legal and vesting, and O&E reports extend coverage to up to 90% of the country.


Integrates with hundreds
of tax providers
NextAce integrates with hundreds of websites to acquire, validate, interpret, and deliver tax information. Tax information related to a specific property is retrieved and a screen image is captured along with data elements such as tax amounts, due dates, delinquency information, and more. Information is returned and populated into the title product while an associated PDF is generated of the tax report or screenshot itself and included with the related search package. When completed, the validated information can be populated into the customer’s production or delivery system.

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Tiered Data Coverage

Most appropriate and least expensive data used first
​Tiered data coverage uses the most appropriate and least expensive data provider first, moving to more expensive data sources only when necessary. This is automatic and dependent on the type of report, location of the property, and conditions of title. When necessary and required by the customer, the tiers extend to and can include manual and abstractor processes. With this tiered approach, NextAce can use its own data sources or those of its customers at any level and for any part of the solution, switching between the resources as economics, data quality, and speed of delivery dictate. TitleEdge uses hundreds of unique data sources across the country and can access multiple providers concurrently resulting in the best and most cost- effective use of information for every title product.

Concurrent Data Requests

Flexibility on how data is
sourced and used
Independent data sources are established for each of the different data types including: APN, legal description, title chain, GI chain, taxes, images, starters, maps, and more. Each type is associated with a specific data source and defined by product type and county. Each data type has a primary data source and can be associated with an unlimited number of alternate sources that are also defined by county and product type. Further, each primary data source can be associated with alternate primary data sources with the system using a superset of data acquired from all of the associated data sources. This level of definition provides an almost unlimited amount of flexibility in how data is sourced and used. It also provides the ability to serve new product types not previously processed on the system.

Conditional Data Usage

Evaluates the quality of data and coordinates the best package
The TitleEdge underwriting engine is the culmination of the millions of reports processed on the platform. It understands national, regional, state, and local rules and requirements associated with thousands of known document types. NextAce understands how and when each document affects title and relates to other documents.

In 2013, NextAce enhanced these rule sets to be conditional in nature, returning intelligence on whether the information was sufficient to make good title decisions. Together with conditional use agreements with many of its data sources, NextAce is able to interrogate data from multiple sources, each having different economics and data depth and breadth, using and paying for only the data that ultimately is used in a delivered report. Importantly, this has further enabled NextAce to integrate with new providers even when their data may not be sufficient for many of the reports run. However, where it is sufficient, NextAce can use that data wherever and whenever possible, moving to other data sources to fill in the blanks whenever required. This also gives NextAce the unique ability to service accounts even in areas where data coverage is shallow by returning results whenever possible and rejecting the report when the data is insufficient to deliver a complete product. This further allows NextAce customers to use less expensive data solutions, replacing expensive and time-consuming abstractor results.

Data Agnostic

A single consistent interface across all data sources
NextAce automatically connects to data sources throughout the country and interprets and examines the information required for preparation of a title report. Information from taxes, the chain of title, property-related information, name searches, maps, and document images are all extracted, normalized, and aggregated into the final product. Regardless of the data source, the examiner is presented with a single, consistent interface that greatly reduces training, support, production time, and potential errors.

Geographic Data Plants

Connect to most geographic
title plants
TitleEdge connects to most geographic title plants and in many cases uses the customer’s existing plant agreements and relationships. Orders are opened automatically and available for future date down or lookup. Prior reports, starters, and plant images are used wherever possible. When customer agreements are not available, NextAce can use its own title plant resources.

Grantor/Grantee Title Plants

Connects to thin plants for
additional coverage
In 2010, NextAce began processing reports with data accessed from thin plants. A thin plant is indexed with grantor/grantee records that have traditionally been challenging to automate. This technology advancement allows NextAce to capitalize on data from hundreds of additional counties as it expands its footprint through data providers and the counties themselves. Information from these providers is combined with NextAce’s real-time tax retrieval to provide a complete solution.

Other Data Providers

Connects to hard-to-access data
Non-traditional data providers have access to counties where data was previously unavailable to the title provider. NextAce uses information from these providers for many functions including address, APN, and legal validation as well as the source for many products processed by the system. Further, information from these sources can be combined with more traditional title and thin plants to create highly customized and cost-effective reports for portfolio analysis, assignment verification, mortgage validation, and others.

Processing an Abstractor Report

Includes Abstractor reports as a search package that
can be automated
Historically, NextAce automation required access to geographic title plants to process a report. That changed in 2010, with the addition of thin plants to the company’s available data sources. This was further expanded when NextAce integrated with non-traditional data providers to deliver products such as SearchQ Ownership and Equity Reports. Auto Abstract allows search packages from abstractors to be uploaded and interpreted by TitleEdge. This functionality extends coverage to any location where data is either unavailable or not sufficient to complete the required title product.

TitleEdge uses an abstractor’s search package and the associated images as the starting point for the automated examination. The abstractor search package is uploaded and automation separates the package into the write-up sheet, taxes, and individual documents, extracting all relevant information from the documents themselves.

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