Examiner Review and Workflow

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Tobi Hess | Assistant Title Operations Manager/Senior Title Officer, FNTG/San Jose Title Group

Examiner Toolset

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See and Search Source Documents
Once you enter an address, the EdgeViewer™ window contains all of the supporting documents that were pulled for your property, indexed to correspond with their extracted information in the report.

Express Exam

Quick Report Builder
A lightweight but robust tool for lower-volume businesses, Express Exam combines with the EdgeViewer™. The source documents and report can be viewed side by side in a two screen workflow, to make easy adjustments.


Advanced Report Builder
The flagship editor used by high-volume, top-producers, TitleEditor™ offers granular control and a feature set to handle advanced, multi-state operations. It is also paired with EdgeViewer™ in a two-screen workflow, and also integrates with MyOrders and TitleDirector tools for managers.

Express Exam and EdgeViewer™

TitleEditor™ and EdgeViewer™

Examiner Review

On average, users spend as few as five minutes reviewing a short-form or refinance report and ten minutes for resale and other long-form reports.

Fully Integrated Results – TitleEdge delivers a complete title product including all of the underlying and supporting documents in a matter of minutes. Since it integrates with major production system and vendor management platforms, customer results are quickly and painlessly uploaded into whichever system is used. Customers not requiring integration can receive completed reports as Word documents or PDF file types via email, FTP, or other electronic means.

Completing a Report – TitleEdge is an entirely automated process that delivers an automated title search and examination in a matter of minutes. It uses customer specific underwriting guidelines and business rules combined with templates and codebooks that are defined for each customer and product. And, in many cases, the resulting product is completed and delivered without further review or validation by an examiner. That being said, many of the products produced by TitleEdge do require validation and review prior to delivery to the end customer. The review itself may be cursory in nature. Or, it may require more effort, research from additional data sources, back plant searches, or sometimes abstractor involvement prior to completion and delivery. This review can be completed either in the customer’s production system or through the use of TitleEditor™.

Once completed with or without review, the resulting product is delivered into the customer’s production system for final delivery to their customer. TitleEdge is integrated with dozens of systems using a variety of methods including web service, XML, email, FTP, and others.


Examiner Workflows

TitleEditor™- TitleEditor™ begins with the end in mind by displaying the entire report as it is delivered to the customer and allows validation of all information directly from the report itself. After an order is submitted to NextAce, the automated examination is completed in a matter of minutes. The results are delivered into TitleEditor™ for review and validation by the examiner. This environment dramatically reduces the time required to deliver an examined product while providing all of the necessary tools and references, including: title chains, taxes, GI information, maps, and associated documents for completion of the examination. While some title reports will require additional time and effort, most reports can be completed by an examiner in a matter of minutes.

Prior to any human interaction with the report, TitleEdge automatically populates all of the codes, conditions, and requirements using the customer’s codebook and template. Fields are extracted and populated. The examiner begins by moving through each field and validating that the information is correct while simultaneously comparing the data to the associated document images in the EdgeViewer™. Fields in yellow show the variable exactly as it was populated by automation. Fields in blue indicate that a change was made to the field by a user. It is recommended that TitleEditor™ users have two or more monitors for this examination process.

The first monitor displays TitleEditor™, while the second monitor displays the Title and GI Chains, the Search Package, as well as the Map in the EdgeViewer™ On average, users spend as few as five minutes reviewing a short-form or refinance report and ten minutes for resale and other long-form reports.


Manager Workflows

Orders are graded by complexity for routing to the most qualified examiner

The Director Workflow enhances productivity for higher volume producers. The system gives Production Managers an interactive, custom view of their production environment. Through the use of filters, users are able to quickly drill down and group by order details such as transaction types, assigned examiner/QC/Reviewer, county, entered title/due out time, SLA, and difficulty, to name a few.  Managers are provided with the tools and flexibility to make production workflow decisions at a single order level or batch of orders.

MyOrders, through the use of the NextOrder feature, uses predefined rules to assign orders to the most qualified examiner for the conditions that exist within that order.  This efficient workflow ensures that their most seasoned examiners are automatically assigned the most complex orders to work, while the inexperienced members receive the easiest of orders.

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