Cancel at any time during your first month and receive a refund for any unused days or reports, whichever is less.
Can I change plans?
You may change the pricing plan at any time. The newly selected plan will take effect the 1stday of the month following the change.  Additional setup fees will apply when changing to a higher plan.
Are set up fees refundable?
Setup fees are not refundable, however if you choose to cancel you can restart your plan in the future without an additional fee.
What happens if I go over my plan amount?
Orders in excess of the monthly plan will be billed with the per order fee listed in the selected plan.
Do I have to pay the monthly fee if I do not complete the number of orders allocated in my plan?

Plans are offered for every size business to ensure that, regardless of your volume, there is a plan for you. If you need to change a plan, it is effective the 1st day of the month following the change.


What if an order does not complete, do I have to pay for the order and does it count against my plan?
Orders that do not complete are not billed by NextAce and will not be counted against your plan.
Are there additional plans for volume in excess of 500?

Yes an Enterprise Plan is available. Please contact sales@nextace.com.

Can I send a bulk project?

Yes. NextAce processes large numbers of orders delivered in a bulk form. Please contact sales@nextace.com to learn more.

What states are available in the coverage?
Please refer to the coverage map.


What if I don’t see my data provider?

If your data provider is not listed as one of our partners, please contact us at data@nextace.com. We are always interested in learning about new opportunities.

Third Party Access Agreement 

For orders where the subscriber accesses their existing data and image agreements, the subscriber pays their access fees directly to their provider.

Data and Image Costs for Non Third Party Access

For orders where the subscriber accesses data and images utilizing NextAce’s agreements, the subscriber pays NextAce a per-order fee, as well as all image and data costs associated with the order.

What kind of training is included?
NextAce’s online education module http://educate.titleedge.com/portal/login.cfm
What if I don’t see my production platform?

If your production system is not listed as one of our partners, please contact us at productionsystems@nextace.com. We are always interested in learning about new opportunities.

What underwriting rules, report formats and delivery methods does NextAce provide?

Please refer to our feature and functionality specifications,  available for each plan.


What orders qualify for AutoExam™?

Orders are qualified when OCR was not used for any variable extraction and they meet criterial defined and configured by your company.

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