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For the first time, all Title underwriters, agents, and attorneys are able to sign up online and start processing orders in minutes

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Don’t wait months to be integrated with a platform-
Instant Setup makes it possible to start processing automated orders today


Setup your company online, in minutes, using your data or ours


Tiered plans that scale as your business grows


Intuitive interface and workflow are easy to learn

Standard ALTA and state association templates and codebooks support national production

Title underwriters, agents, and attorneys are invited to preview AutoExam™ and Instant Setup, and learn how to leverage automation to improve profitability and growth

Start the Search with Automation

Enter an address and let the system do the work

Locate property, normalize address, determine legal description and APN

Retrieve property and GI (name related) chains, taxes, assessor maps, and other related information


Title underwriting engine interprets all of the retrieved information

Retrieve relevant document images and OCR and extract all necessary information from the actual documents


Combine retrieved and extracted information with underwriting rules and business requirements, and codebooks to produce the final report

Report is ready, and our report grading and workflow simplify the review process

Route Orders Based on Complexity

Your order is ready to be completed in one of three different ways


Completely Automated

Transactions meeting qualifying criteria and where OCR was not used for any variable extraction are returned with no human interaction as a completed title report in less than five minutes.
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Proof Read Only

Transactions meeting strict criteria and where OCR was used, require only a quick review for typos on extracted fields. This minimal review is completed in minutes.
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Traditional Process

Transactions that are more difficult or require confirmation or validation of additional information are reviewed by your examiner using our TitleEditor™ tool and can generally
be completed in 10
minutes or less.
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Process Complex Orders More Efficiently

For high-volume producers with advanced needs,
our TitleEditor™ tool expedites complex orders

Report and related document images are side by side

  • All relevant records are compiled automatically and visible in EdgeViewer™
  • Documents are indexed and information needed for the specific product is extracted
  • The report is built in TitleEditor™, with the system highlighting fields that the Examiner needs to review
  • Review is simple with side-by-side comparison of the report and and source document, with highlighting to indicate what field was extracted
  • Examiner changes are tracked

The NextAce Advantage

All the advantages of a multi-million dollar SaaS infrastructure are available to every Title underwriter, agent, and attorney, with Setup available in minutes

Instant Setup

Complete setup and begin processing orders in minutes
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Product Types

Process order types for nearly every scenario
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Examiner Workflow

Indexed documents at your fingertips
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Qualifying orders with good data process automatically
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OCR & Extraction

Patented processes return the right information
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Order Delivery & Storage

Convenient delivery with files hosted on our servers
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Data Coverage

Use our thousands of data sources or your own
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Business rules and underwriting guidelines are built in the system
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Security & Uptime

Secure and reliable servers run orders 24/7 and 365
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