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“As the largest underwriter in the industry, Fidelity consistently seeks new methods and processes to improve our overall business. NextAce has processed millions of orders for us and continues to innovate to improve title automation, reduce our costs, and ultimately deliver a best in class product to our customers.”

Raymond R. Quirk | CEO, Fidelity National Financial

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Automation is now possible for all underwriters, agents, and attorneys

Using an intuitive on-line process, you’ll be ready to start processing orders in minutes, whether your order volume
is 25 or 25,000

In the past, Title automation was only available to higher volume producers because of the significant time and expense involved in set up and customization. For the first time in the industry, this can now be accomplished in minutes and at a nominal cost by using standardized templates and the most common industry settings. This means that all of the speed, accuracy, and savings are now available to all businesses, with pricing plans starting with as few as 25 orders a month. For growing businesses, the opportunity is to be able to scale and outperform competitors who continue to use a time-consuming and expensive manual process.


  • Standard ALTA and state association templates and codebooks
  • Defaults for the most common settings with hundreds of customizable options
  • Supports national production
  • All product types from refinance to resale, foreclosure, commercial, and more

Choose Options

  • Product Setup
  • Data Provider Setup
  • Underwriting Guidelines
  • GI Search
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Underwriting
  • Holds
  • Deliverables
  • User Setup

Choose a Plan

  • Plans for all size businesses built to scale with you as you grow
  • Change plans as your needs change
  • Additional features are available to higher-volume businesses
  • See Pricing Page

Start Ordering

  • Start production immediately with default settings
  • Use Self Service to customize over 2,000 options to your specific needs
  • The intuitive interface and workflow are easy to learn.

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