Order Delivery and Storage

“Changing from a manual process to automation saved hours of staff resources looking up codes and typing. And, with documents automatically posted to our production system, NextAce keeps our operation in audit compliance”

Joe Toolis | Vice President, CPU Title/Fidelity National Title in Illinois

Order Delivery

Convenient delivery options to meet the needs of your customers

A variety of available delivery methods delivers a product at any price point, depending on your needs.  This includes fully integrated XML deliveries directly to your production systems, posting to an FTP site, emailing directly to you or your customers, or any combination of the above.  This can also be determined at the product level.  NextAce uses Text PDF and RTF formats of the completed product and PDF for images.

Understanding Hyperlinked Reports- Reports produced on the NextAce platform can be delivered with automated hyperlinks providing instant access to any document referenced in the title or property report. In addition, NextAce can add embedded hyperlinks to any PDF file containing references to instrument numbers regardless of whether the report was processed on the TitleEdge platform.

The hyperlink automation uses the same hierarchal image providers as the TitleEdge process. When associated with a report processed by TitleEdge, hyperlinks use the previously retrieved image. When the image is not available or the report was not originally processed through TitleEdge, the system uses the image providers to retrieve the image in real time.

Available settings allow customers to select whether hyperlinks are added for items that include vesting, taxes, maps, and others.

The automated process takes just a few minutes and returns an updated version of the PDF that includes a hyperlink associated with each instrument number, book and page, or tract map associated with the report.

Report Storage

Eliminate the need to upgrade your own server space and maintenance

Secure, Cloud-based storage-  As Title report packages can be anywhere from 10 Mb to 100Mb, file storage requires substantial server space. Based upon our current retention policy, critical order information is maintained for a minimum of 7 years.  Important supporting files, such as delivered PDFs, are maintained for at least 3 years.

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