Changing The Title Industry

Through Relentless Innovation

Our Vision

From the very beginning our vision has been to transform the title industry and provide everyone involved in the real estate transaction with the most accurate information as efficiently as possible.

Don Cantral | Founder and CEO

Today that vision has evolved into a truly disruptive model that delivers a virtually instant title commitment or report without sacrificing historically proven search and examination methods. We leverage more data sources than anyone else. Because we process more transactions than any other company through automation, we can recognize and utilize past experiences with the property and parties involved allowing us to bypass expensive and time consuming rework. Imagine starting with just an address, letting us go to work, and, then just minutes later getting a complete title report supported by all the required documents, chains of title, maps, and taxes. We’ve imagined that for years. And, today we deliver that to a majority of the country and a majority of the transactions. We won’t stop innovating until we bring that to nearly every property across this great nation.
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Leaders In The Industry

Our vision is big. We have cleared many hurdles in our obsession with improving title production.  And, we know that many obstacles remain. That’s why we’ve built a team of industry and technology experts with unparalleled experience with title production processing, data sources, real property records, and technology innovation. It takes the first string team to win the game. And, our shared vision for taking time and costs out of the process while improving quality and reducing risk drives every decision we make.


With over 35 years of experience in productivity enhancements through innovative technology, Cantral has amassed the unique background required to lead the vision that is NextAce. He has shepherded two companies to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America and was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year while winning top honors for the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Entrepreneur of the year in 2006. As one of the founders of NextAce, he remains the company’s visionary and chief systems architect.


Bill’s genius is data and analytics, and his background spans more than 25 years with technology solution providers for the financial services industry. Prior to joining NextAce, Dochterman was managing director of the Data and Analytics business for Black Knight Financial Services (formerly Lender Processing Services). He also served as vice president of marketing and product management for LexisNexis. Read more


David’s experience in the industry spans several decades, notably as the President and Co-Founder of DataChek, LLC., the title data and technology company that later became Realty Data Company. He then served as the Executive Vice President, responsible for sales, marketing and business development. A former NextAce competitor, he now works to bring best in class solutions to the top producers in the industry. Read more


David spent 17 years as President of SKLD, one of the oldest and most respected title plants. He serves as Real Property Records Chair for the American Land Title Association (ALTA), and in work groups for the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), and the Association for Title Information Management (ATIM). With NextAce, he oversees product strategy and expansion of data integrations. Read more

Technical Expertise and Experience

As a small team implementing big ideas, we know what it means to leverage automation and efficiency for maximum results. Our company is comprised of incredibly talented individuals working collaboratively in a demanding, always-on environment. NextAce is a product of the
combined talents of many specialized roles, including:


Software Engineer
Software Developer
​Data Scientist
​Build Manager
​Data Integration Specialist


Product Manager
Project Manager
​Solutions Architect
​​​Product Analyst


Q/A Software Tester
Data Analyst
System Administrator
Network Engineer

Our Story

A couple of Title guys walk into a sports bar with their friend, a software developer, and the Title guy says… well actually they had a conversation about the frustration of getting Title records. The outdated process was slow, expensive, and lacking in availability of reliable data. The software developer was Don Cantral, and after sketching out a solution on the back of napkin, they all realized that the idea was disruptive and the timing was right. In the next 30 days, Don had a working prototype and within 5 months had raised half a million in seed capital. Early success attracted over $10 million invested to grow the business.

That was in 2003, and since then the patented scanning and pattern recognition technology has been refined to the point where it replaces a completely manual process taking hours and days with an automated process taking minutes, for routine orders. NextAce technology now powers around 25% of the nation’s title transactions, more than a million a year. As the business grows, Don continues to find new opportunities to innovate in the Title industry. Consumers are experiencing huge shifts in every sector they use for goods and services, and NextAce sees the need to keep leveraging technology until they can get a title commitment delivered in the same way.

Culture of Giving

NextAce believes that giving back to the community in both time and service is not only good business, it’s the right thing to do. We participate in charities and nonprofit organizations as board members, volunteers, and supporters. We’re proud to have supported many
fine organizations including:

Careers At NextAce

Ready to see how far you can go?

Careers at NextAce offer a startup culture under the umbrella, stability, and benefits of a Fortune 500 company. Our careers allow self-starters with an eye for excellence the opportunity to work on big projects and push the limits of their potential. Technical positions develop bleeding-edge software, creating and perfecting in a collaborative but challenging environment.

There is no manual and it needs to work 24/7. This is not a drill. We have aggressive deadlines, work hard, and stay until it’s done. Then we take big vacations as a company! We’re looking for someone like you if you’re interested in delivering on the promise of an always-on, error free, best-in-class software platform where you have big opportunities to grow.

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