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Automated Property Title Searches Made Easy

Our automated report gives you the convenience of having the relevant records for the property delivered electronically. 

Property records for one address can sometimes exceed 100 pages of confusing legal documents, including some that no longer matter, such as paid liens. Our patented system analyzes the records to select those which impact the property’s current status, and returns a completed report in minutes. 

Content in your completed report

Types of Reports

Basic Ownership and Encumbrance Report

$29.95 per report
Ownership history
Open Deeds of Trust or Mortgages
Open liens publicly filed against a property, such as judgements or tax liens
Tax information for the property (in most counties)

Advanced Title Search Package

$49.95- $99.95 per report, depending on the data costs
Includes all the information from the
Basic Ownership and Encumbrance, plus:
DELUXE DATA: An additional layer of data review and verification for greater accuracy; the same data used by Title companies
Images of selected original documents included

*Information on current mortgage balances or payments is not available in our reports

Property Tax Report $2.95
Looking for Tax information but not a full Title report? Provides property information on potential tax complications such as property splits, transfers and tax liens on a property.
(Taxes are included with the other reports, if available, so do not purchase the Tax Report if you order a full report.)

Title Report searches are used for

Investment or Auction

Investment companies
Auction buyers
​Asset Management companies

Home Purchase or Refinance

Real Estate Agents
Home Buyers

Asset Inquiry

Personal Attorneys, including
Divorce and Probate
Private Investigators


Get Started Easily

Our Title Report searches deliver and summarize information from
public records with the convenience of online ordering and delivery

Check availability for a
residential property

Availability of data varies widely by region, and not all areas are available. Please go here to check your specific address. Must be a residential address.

Create an account and order
your report

Your purchase authorizes a temporary hold on your credit card, used to purchase data for your order. If no data is obtained, the hold will fall off in 24-48 hours.

Report is delivered,
usually in 5 minutes or less

Look in your account in about 5 minutes to find completed reports.
Areas of Coverage
Title data is extremely regional, with each county choosing how their data is stored and retrieved.
Consequently, different data is avilable for different regions, and the Title Search Package is priced by county.

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When data is available for the county, only the search of the actual property will determine if the records can be scanned and searched. When you check out with your Report purchase, a temporary charge is placed on your credit card while this search takes place.  If the scan is not able to retrieve enough data to generate a Report, the charge will fall off and you will be notified that we are unable to process for this property.
About Us
NextAce is the leading provider of automated Title reports to the Title industry and powers about 20% of the nation’s real estate transactions, with over 9.7 million orders processed.
What report do I need to see if there are any liens on a property?
Both the Title Search Package and Ownership and Encumbrance Report include Liens against the property. The Title Search Package is a higher standard of data and more comprehensive, but both will provide lien information.
Will the report show me how much is owed on the property, or the status of payments?
No. Our reports show the original lien amount on the property but not the status of payments or current balance. Investors often estimate the equity/loan balance based on the original amount and the number of motnhs since the purchase, but actual balances are not publicy disclosed information.
How long does it take to complete a report?
Reports are usually processed in 3-5 minutes. Occasionally, illegible records or very common owner names may cause addtional processing time. Some properties will not contain sufficient legible data to process, and the system will show “Unable to Process” in a similar amount of time. The pre-authorization of your creidt card will fall off in 24-48 hours if we are unable to process.
What is your refund policy?
Refund Policy

If you’re unsure what will be contained in a report, please look at our samples and/or ask for help through our online chat prior to making a purchase.

NextAce will consider refunds when and if the report was not delivered or was incomplete.

There is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit in situations like the following:
you have changed your mind about the report
you purchased the report by mistake
you do not have sufficient expertise to understand the report
you ask for goodwill consideration
you can no longer access the report (please download the report when you receive it)

If there was an error in the report, either on your part (typo or wrong address entered) or on ours, please contact us and we will replace the report with a corrected one at no charge.

Please contact us within 30 days to request a refund or replacement. Refunds will be credited back to your credit card, generally within 30 days of authorization.