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Tech startups and venture capital investors have targeted the title industry as outdated and ready for innovation, but their solutions won’t be palatable to those of us familiar with the scope and complexity of real property transactions. Join us for alive demonstration of smart automation created by the title industry for the title industry that can make rigorous search and examination possible…in minutes. Our proven scanning, extraction, underwriting engine, and production workflow processes already power 20% of all U.S. transactions for top underwriters. It’s the same data, the same underwriting, the same requirements, the same ALTA forms, and the same code book. It’s the same report you produce today – only a whole lot faster! You can sign up, process orders, and transform your business today!

In this 45-minute Webinar, you will learn how Title automation helps you:  

  • Improve turn times – automation completes much of an order before any human touch
  • Reduce overhead and production costs using optimized workflow
  • Improve quality by ensuring your most experienced resources focus on orders where their knowledge and experience is required


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