10 Million Title Reports Processed

NextAce celebrates the extraordinary milestone of
automating 10 million orders, all across the country.

NextAce is the leader in Automated Title Reports for the Title Industry.
Reports for consumers, investors, and real estate professionals can be found here.

Title underwriters, agents, and attorneys are invited to preview Smart Automation
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Reliable & Proven

NextAce has processed over 10 million title orders since 2003 across the United States. Only NextAce can deliver completed reports in a matter of minutes.

Million Since 2003

Minutes Or Less


Million Orders Processed

Proudly Serving Industry Leaders

Efficiency Through Automation

NextAce automates the routine part of most title search and examinations improving the efficiency of the process while allowing your examiners to focus on more complicated examination and underwriting needs.

For most orders, nearly all of the work is completed before any human touch

Automation completes the search, examination, and report preparation for most orders in a matter of minutes

More complex transactions are flagged for review and automatically routed to more advanced Examiner

“Changing from a manual process to automation saved hours of staff resources looking up codes and typing. And, with documents automatically posted to our production system, NextAce keeps our operation in audit compliance.” Joe Toolis Vice President | CPU Title Fidelity National Title in Illinois Read Case Study


Accurate & Reliable

Sophisticated analysis and underwriting combine with business logic to deliver completed products that are supported by all of the source and underlying documents and reference materials for easy validation.

OCR and patented Patterned Data Extraction (PDE) software automatically extract all required information limiting human error

Orders matching strict criteria including no changes to ownership since the last transaction can be completely automated

Hundreds of automated underwriting rules combine to insure that orders with documents or conditions requiring further review or validation are routed to the appropriate resource prior to completion

All orders are supported by a complete search package with relevant Chain of Title, Name Run (GI), all associated documents, taxes, maps and more

“Working with a reliable and fast platform is important. More importantly, while the system is reliable and fast, it provides accurate results and accuracy trumps everything.” VP/Chief Title Officer | San Francisco Bay Title Company Read Case Study


Reduce Your Cost In An Instant

NextAce has the data network and processing capacities to handle one order or thousands, making it a scalable solution for your growing business.

Setup your company, underwriting guidelines, and business requirements in minutes – and begin processing orders instantly

Automated underwriting insures that up to 50% of your orders will require only a cursory review can be completed within minutes

Your examiners focus only on orders where their knowledge and experience is required – saving you both time and money

Access to more title plants and data providers through our network covering up to 60% of the US population – or use your existing title plant relationships

“Using TitleEdge allows the Northern California Regional Title Group to produce up to 11,000 orders per month with just four people performing the search and locate functions, instead of ten.” Jim King | VP/Manager, FNTG/Northern California Regional Title Group Read Case Study


Single-Source Solution

NextAce improves every aspect of the Title production process in one accurate, reliable, and cost-effective platform.

Instant Setup

Instant Setup Create your products and start ordering in minutes, not weeks!
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Workflow Management

Workflow insures timely completion of every order by the most
qualified resources.
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Comprehensive Data

Hundreds of data sources deliver the most complete information available at the best price. Read More

System Reliability

Cloud based to ensure the highest reliability, stability, and availability.
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Product Types

Everything from residential resale, refinance, and foreclosure to commercial transactions and more. Read More

Secure Storage

Highly secure cloud based servers are redundant, secure, and fault tolerant for any sized production needs.
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