Are Automation and AI the same thing?

We hear a lot of references to Automation and  AI (Artificial Intelligence) making their way into the title industry. In fact AI and Automation seem to be used interchangeably. 

As providers of automated solutions, this makes us cringe a little. Or maybe a lot. 

AI, to use a simple definition, learns from, and creates new programming for, itself. 

Automation simply performs defined tasks when programmed to do so. 

There’s a world of difference. 

Automation is currently widely accepted and in use in the title industry (we’ve done over 12 million title orders) while AI is on the bleeding edge of possibility. We’re not there yet with AI, as it is still in the very early stages. 

Are you using automation in your title production? 

When you think of automation, a useful analogy is to think of an automatic transmission in your car. It takes something we used to do manually and just makes it easier. Who wants to sit in traffic and upshift and downshift constantly? Most people who learn to use it would never want go back to a manual transmission. But are there times when shifting manually is better? Sure. 

We think that’s a lot like title automation. 

Why spend valuable time on simple, everyday tasks for transactions with simple conditions? You can have automation: identify open items on the chain, compile necessary document images, populate legal descriptions, vesting, related exceptions, requirements, and notes. Leave the routine tasks to the Virtual Title Assistant and focus your experienced resources on more complex transactions.

So back to the difference between AI and Automation. AI is one to watch, but automation is here. Tell your friends. 

Want to know more about Automation versus AI? Watch “Are the Robots Coming for Your Job” with NextAce Chief Operating Officer David Floyd and Martin Stone, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations  at Stewart Title Guaranty.