Do you remember March 13th of this year? I do.

On March 13th, we at NextAce, like many of you were faced with the essential need to provide all staff the ability to work from home. Within hours of the decision, our office was empty and everything about our operation had to pivot.

If nothing else, the challenges of 2020 have demonstrated the critical need for business continuity planning. And, this industry has responded incredibly to the challenges it has faced. You moved your staff home. You redesigned services and passed emergency legislation to quickly align with a new reality. And then on top of it all, you had to quickly scale your operations to respond to a incredible surge in volume.

If ever there were a time for automation, it is now.

I’d like to share a quote from Natalie Bombardier, Western Division CPF Manager for Fidelity National Title Group regarding their experience in 2020:

“….As part of our team, the NextAce automation system has helped us to seamlessly move our workforce from the office to work from home environments. With NextAce we have been able to handle the more than 60% increase in order volume year over year for July and over 77% increase year over year for August. System availability is always critical and especially with order volumes being high. NextAce is part of the success we have experienced in these challenging times and will be part of our future successes.”

For the last 17 years, NextAce has had the single focus of automating the traditional title search and examination process. Our customers can enter an address and have a pre-examined report back in about three minutes.

I’m now pleased to introduce the next generation of title automation, NextAce’s Virtual Title Assistant.

For any title company who needs to control costs and be prepared for whatever comes your way, the Virtual Title Assistant makes it possible.

Imagine your examiner working in your production system entering an address and getting back a pre-examined report in about three minutes. This allows your examiners to complete a comprehensive, traditional examination, using your company rules and underwriting guidelines in less than ten minutes. Ten Minutes from start to finish! All with no additional training requirements.

With the Virtual Title Assistant, getting automated is now easier than ever. And with our exclusive Instant Setup, implementation is done in days, not weeks or months. To see if the Virtual Title Assistant is right for your operation, visit our website at

David Floyd
NextAce Chief Operating Officer